Wednesday, 2 May 2012


                                            Praxis for 12 Jani Christou
                                           Hammering notation          

            This is quite a delicate technique and evolves from guitar and banjo technique. The difference between the fingerboard on the violin and the banjo is obviously the fact that the banjo has frets, meaning that the sound of the L.H. can be heard much more easily. On the violin this is a much more delicate technique one which I feel that could benefit from amplification or would be extremely effective as an orchestral tool. 
            I found that hammering works best on the G and D strings as they are naturally louder and thicker meaning that it is possible to trap the string between the fingerboard and your finger. It gives a very percussive sound to the violin. 

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  1. what a great source for composers! Thanks for these contents with actual examples you showed! it's very easier to understand than others' descriptions!